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this site/blog is not affiliated with or endorsed by VTech Electronics Plc, I am just a normal (if slightly geeky) dad who happens to have some knowledge of the way these things work and decided to help, offering advice through my experience using their product. I accept no responsibility for the content, downloads or software listed, you follow this advice at your own risk. All copyright laws/ownership regarding the use of video and or music files are your responsibility to observe, I make no profit from the upkeep of this site and is offered without charge.

Welcome to Setup My Innotab, the unofficial page designed to help you get to grips with your childs learning tablet

Section 1: Video Conversion - 12 easy steps!

These settings apply to all generations of Innotab WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE NEW INNOTAB MAX whether you have a 1, 2, 2s, 3, 3s or Innotab Baby, the settings remain the same

If you've never converted a video before, I hope you find this process to be easy. If you've converted videos for the Innotab before and now they will no longer work all of a sudden, help is at hand..

Step 1 - Choose your weapon!

There are numerous free conversion softwares available online, some are better than others. I have listed two programs which I have used in the past to good effect, click to download one of them, for the purposes of this guide I will be using eRightsoft SUPER.
If using Super, pay CLOSE attention to the additional applications the file will try and install by default, uncheck them if they are not required

eRightsoft SUPER (downloads setup file automatically, DON'T click anything on the webpage after this)
Media Coder

Step 2 - Once you've downloaded the setup file run it

Step 3 - Accept and agree to the terms, click next

Step 4 - Once installed and running you will see something like this.. don't panic, it's not as bad as it looks

Step 5 - Now we change the default settings to our requirments
  • Change the Output Container to AVI
  • Change the Output Video Codec to H.264/AVC
  • Change the Output Audio Codec to MP3 
  • Select MEncoder and uncheck Direct Show Decode

Step 6 -  Resolution, Aspect Ratio and Frame Rate

If the file you want to convert is the 'squashed'  4:3 ratio, change the Video Scale to 320 x 240

If you want a 'letterbox'  widescreen style change the scale to 480 x 272 

If in doubt.. 
  • Change Video Scale to 480 x 272
  • Change the Aspect to 16:19
  • Change the Frame rate to 15
  • Change the Bitrate to 1008

Step 7 - The important bit

Under the options section above, then click H264 Profile and select Baseline and


Step 8
- Audio

  • Change the Sample Frequency to 44100
  • Change the Bitrate to 96kbps

Step 9
-  Overall settings should look like this

Step 10
- Drag and drop the file you want to convert into the box and click Encode

Step 11 - Click OK

Step 12 - The finsished file

SUPER will save your reconverted file in the same folder location as the original file. To get this to play on your Innotab, connect it up and wait for your computer to recognise it as a removable drive.

You then need to copy and paste the converted file into the MOVIES folder on the Innotab which is detailed below

Start Menu > Computer (or My Computer) > IFSD > LLN > MOVIES

You're all done, your video file will now playback on the Innotab, for future conversions you will not need to change the settings on Super again, they should remain in place



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